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We are an honest team of game and app reviewers, tip and hint experts, and newsmakers who strive to provide the best gaming experience possible. Each of them brings something special to our reviews. Each review is written thoughtfully and expertly so gamers can find the best games for their needs.

1. Site Founder: James McCrorie

James McCrorie, the ambitious mind behind our gaming site, has dedicated his life to the gaming and technology industries. With a degree in Computer Science from MIT, James developed a keen interest in developing apps and games. He founded this site in 2010 to share his passion for gaming with a broader audience. As the visionary of our team, James is mainly responsible for defining our site's strategy and creative direction and attracting new talents.

2. Editor: Olivia Martinez

Olivia Martinez joined the team as an editor in 2013. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from NYU, Olivia uses her knack for editing and her love for gaming to elevate the writing quality of our articles. Responsible for managing the editing process and ensuring consistency across our site, Olivia works closely with writers to perfect their pieces.

3. Content Manager: Ella Hyam

Ella Johnson drives the team as a content manager, organizing our reviews, news, and articles to ensure maximum user engagement. With a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from UCLA and experience in marketing, Ella creates schedules for content production, manages writer relationships, and collaborates with our editorial team to maintain a cohesive content experience for users.

4. Columnist: Adam Mitchell

As an experienced game reviewer, Adam Mitchell joined the team in 2016 as our featured columnist. With a BA in English from Harvard University and a passion for diving deep into the worlds of various games, Adam offers his expert insights and opinions on the industry's latest releases and updates. This witty and engaging writer shares exciting articles, reviews, and even interviews with game developers on our site.

5. Video Game Tester: Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson, our video game tester, is our go-to expert for in-depth analysis and evaluation of newly released games. With a background in gaming journalism and an innate ability to spot glitches and bugs, Kevin ensures our reviews are comprehensive and accurate. When he's not testing games, Kevin contributes news coverage and opinions related to game and app updates.

The idea for our site originated a long time ago. Noticing the lack of reliable sources of honest reviews, tips and recommendations, guides, and news about the latest games and apps, four friends decided to make it their mission to fill that gap. We created the Centralhrd site to provide gamers with all the information they need in one convenient place.

We are passionate about games and provide our readers with reliable information about games, apps, tips and tricks, guides, and news so they can have the best gaming experience possible. Our goal is to give our readers an honest opinion about every game we review so they can make informed decisions when buying or downloading a game or app.

We are always looking for ways to improve our reviews so that gamers can get the most out of the game. So join Centralhrd today and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of gaming!

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