Finding the Aisan Cougar in Thief Simulator: A Player's Guide

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Finding the Aisan Cougar in Thief Simulator: A Player's Guide

In the thrilling world of Thief Simulator, players unlock several exciting features as they progress in the game - one of them being the luxury of stealing cars. High-end cars, when stolen, can yield a considerable amount of money. One such vehicle is the Aisan Cougar, which sells for $800. Successfully stealing this car also unlocks the 'Car Enthusiast 2' trophy/achievement. However, finding the Aisan Cougar can be a bit tricky, and this guide aims to assist you on this high-risk mission.

Greenview Street: Where The Hunt Begins

Greenview Street Where The Hunt Begins

The homes along Greenview Street are the key spots where you will be likely to find the Aisan Cougar. The majority of the houses have garages, but most of these garages are unfortunately empty. Taking into account the risk of infiltration, house number 101 stands as the most challenging to breach. But as fate would have it, this happens to be the exact location where the elusive Aisan Cougar resides - tucked away in the white garage on the right side of the house.

Beware of the Challenges

A Thief job is never supposed to be easy, and the Aisan Cougar task is no exception. The estate is heavily fortified with cameras and surrounded by walls. Ensure you have both the garage door and the front gate open before leaving, especially since each time you exit a hot-wired car, you'll need to hot-wire it again.

Successful Infiltration of 101 Greenview Street

Successful Infiltration of 101 Greenview Street

While the Smith family's house is fraught with security challenges, swift usage of the correct skills and tools can significantly lower the hurdles. To ease this task, make sure to have the following: a Mini electric lock pick (Lockpicking level 3), a Regular lock pick (Lockpicking level 2), and a Car lock pick gun (Car stealing level 1).

Complete Guide to Steal the Aisan Cougar

Start the task at approximately 9 p.m. when the occupants of the house are out. With the house empty, no need to sneak around. Here’s a recommended strategy: Disable the cameras by using the electric lock pick on the power box behind the house. This gives you about 4 minutes. Then, use the regular lock pick to unlock the home's front gate and open the yard's car gate. Once inside, you can disable the Cougar's alarm, hot-wire it, and drive your prize out of the map to unlock the trophy/achievement.

With these steps, you will surely become a pro at stealing cars in Thief Simulator. Each stolen car can be disassembled into parts and sold at a junkyard for a hefty price. So go ahead and carry on with your virtual thefts, making sure you're geared up for any hurdles that come your way.