Complete Guide to Mastering The Saga of the Seaside Inn Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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Complete Guide to Mastering The Saga of the Seaside Inn Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Setting forth on the grand adventure of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth not only continues a legendary tale but also offers detailed side missions that enhance your gameplay experience. Among these ventures stands "The Saga of the Seaside Inn," a quest that spans across chapters and introduces players to both challenging and rewarding elements of gameplay. This comprehensive guide aims to navigate through the nuances of completing this quest, from gathering materials to confronting the formidable Tonberry King. As we explore the intricacies, keep an eye out for small spoilers ahead, which will deepen our appreciation of the strategies needed to succeed in this complex endeavor.

Embarking on the Quest

"The Saga of the Seaside Inn" quest is initiated by Johnny, a character found as early as Chapter 7: Those Left Behind. In a twist of fate intertwined with Yuffie's mischief, players are tasked with tracking ninjutsu copies amidst other missions. The journey entails several key activities: gathering Refurbishment Materials, crafting a Boiler Valve, braving the harsh desert to face the Tonberry King, and deciding between the Marred Crown and the Pristine Crown as your trophy.

Locating Refurbishment Materials and Ziplines

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The adventure begins in an outdoor resort west of Costa del Sol, where players encounter multiple Johnnys seeking assistance with gathering Refurbishment Materials. Found within crates near ziplines, these essential items are scattered across eight different locations, each marked for your convenience.

Crafting the Boiler Valve

The quest then advances to the crafting of a Boiler Valve, necessitating the acquisition of a blueprint from an Excavation Site. Activating several Lifesprings in the Corel region unveils the site’s location, where a Chocobo aids in scouting the area. With the blueprint in hand, players must gather Iron Ore, Zinc Ore, and Amethyst to create the Boiler Valve via the Item Transmuter.

The Desert Venture

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The narrative further unfolds with a journey to the desert, a task that is initially inaccessible during Chapter 7. A detailed path is provided, guiding players through mountainous trails, a ride on the cable car to the Gold Saucer, and eventually, participation in minigames. This progression is pivotal for advancing to Chapter 9: The Planet Stirs, setting the stage for the impending showdown.

Confronting the Tonberry King

The desert scenario paves the way for the encounter with the Tonberry King, a formidable adversary known for its lethal knife attack. Players are advised to locate all six Lifesprings in the Corel region to unveil the king’s lair. Defeating this foe requires tactical precision, especially to secure the coveted Pristine Crown by executing a perfect dodge and employing the Steal materia.

Rewards and Conclusions

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Upon triumphing over the Tonberry King and choosing between the Marred and Pristine Crowns, players are to return to the Johnny in the Borderland and later, the original Johnny in Costa del Sol. The completion of "The Saga of the Seaside Inn" not only yields significant gil, XP, and an enhanced relationship with Yuffie but also transforms the Seaside Inn into a luxury facility for displaying various collectibles. This guide has navigated through the intricate steps of "The Saga of the Seaside Inn" in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, ensuring players are well-equipped to tackle this challenging yet rewarding side quest. As adventurers continue to explore many of FF7 Rebirth, they are encouraged to utilize this guide and others within our hub to master every aspect of this beloved saga.