Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Introduces Grim Sonic from Netflix's Sonic Prime

  • Ella Hyam
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Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Introduces Grim Sonic from Netflix's Sonic Prime

As the excitement builds for the arrival of Sonic Prime's third season on Netflix, Sega Hardlight is adding an electrifying twist to its Sonic Forces: Speed Battle game by introducing Grim Sonic, a new adversary from the animated series, to its lineup of characters. The fast-paced mobile game Sonic Forces: Speed Battle serves as a spin-off to the main console title released in 2017 and has sustained a strong following by continuously incorporating a diverse array of characters from various Sonic universes, including the IDW Comics, the Sonic film franchise, and Sonic Prime.

The expansion of Sonic Prime characters into Sonic Forces: Speed Battle began following the first season, with the addition of Tails Nine and Rusty Rose. Subsequent updates introduced more figures from the show, such as the Boscage Maze variants of Sonic and Amy Rose, namely Thorn Rose and Sonic with the Boscage Maze claws. Also joining was a pirate interpretation of Knuckles dubbed Knuckles the Dread.

The anticipation for the third season of Sonic Prime is further fueled by the upcoming special event in the mobile game, which showcases the menacing robotic villain Grim Sonic, hinted at in the show's previews. An announcement from Sonic Stadium indicated that starting January 9th and lasting through January 16th, gamers will have the chance to participate in the event to unlock Grim Sonic, giving them a head start before the season’s Netflix premiere on January 11th. Grim Sonic brings a unique move to the game called "Grimions," deploying a brigade of robots to disrupt racers paving the path ahead.

Crafted by the character Tails Nine, Grim Sonic stands as a formidable robotic adversary for both Sonic and Shadow, sharing visual similarities with Chaos Sonic, another robot from Sonic Prime. However, Grim Sonic presents a more substantial threat, mirroring the abilities of Sonic and serving as the show's interpretation of the classic villain, Metal Sonic. Trailers for the series’ new season tease that Sonic and his cohort will face off against their own robotic replicas, masterminded by Nine and his designs on the Paradox Prism.

In tandem with the ongoing support for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Sega Hardlight is also focusing on new content for Sonic Dream Team, the team's Apple Arcade exclusive release, which debuted in December. Unlike Speed Battle's race-oriented gameplay, Dream Team is set as a 3D platformer featuring a selection of six characters and twelve stages. With the upcoming content for Dream Team, the rollout of Sonic Prime's latest season, and the continued issue of the Sonic IDW comics, it's clear that 2024 will be brimming with adventures for Sonic enthusiasts.