Latest Update Hampers Baldur's Gate 3 Act 3, Leaving Players Agitated

  • Ella Hyam
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Latest Update Hampers Baldur's Gate 3 Act 3, Leaving Players Agitated

Players have taken to various online platforms to voice their concerns over the deteriorating performance of Baldur's Gate 3, particularly the game's third act. Following the most recent patch, a number of players have reported issues so severe they're deeming the late-game stages "unplayable." Complaints have ranged from non-loading textures to significant lags during combat sequences, which have prompted calls for the developers at Larian Studios to urgently address these glitches with a new update.

A Reddit user with the handle King_Brass highlighted some of the prevalent issues in Act 3 that have bothered players. These problems include non-responsive companions, malfunctioning non-playable characters (NPCs), game-saving hurdles, and troublesome interactions—challenges that momentarily dissipate but return in cycles. The cry for a swift resolution has become common among its player base.

The deployment of "Patch 4" earlier in November has led to speculation among gamers that the duration since this update might suggest the impending arrival of a fresh patch. Yet, in spite of two attempts to remedy the situation through hotfixes, the stubborn issues lingering within Act 3 persist without resolution.

Another player, known online as rosecoloredxboy, echoed the sentiment, lamenting the inability to progress in the game due to severe lag issues, especially after reaching a critical point in Act 3 known as the Basilisk Gate.

PlayStation 5 users are encountering similar frustrations, albeit not to the same extreme as their PC counterparts. Notably, those on PS5 report longer-than-standard load times and delays during combat, a sentiment shared by a player who recently revisited their PS5 playthrough and observed conspicuous dips in performance across the final act.

While PC gamers have chanced upon an unofficial workaround promising temporary respite from these performance woes, those on console platforms, hamstrung by the lack of such options, find themselves eagerly anticipating an official patch.

With the expectation of Baldur's Gate 3's launch on Xbox in the near future and an appearance scheduled for the Game Awards on December 7th to announce a release date, console players are feeling the pressure for an official fix. Although no details on the next patch or a potential hotfix have emerged, players remain hopeful that the developers will usher in a timely solution to ensure a smooth gaming experience across all platforms.