Guidance and Solutions for Today's NYT Connections Puzzle: June 13, Game #368

  • Adam Mitchell
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Guidance and Solutions for Today's NYT Connections Puzzle: June 13, Game #368

NYT Connections challenges for today—hints and solutions for Thursday, June 13 (game #368)

After encountering two particularly demanding Connections games in succession, today's puzzle offers a more approachable challenge, though it remains somewhat difficult. If you're seeking guidance, continue reading for some hints.

What should you do once you've completed the puzzle? Naturally, play more word games. I also provide daily hints and solutions for Wordle, Strands, and Quordle, should you need assistance with those.

HEADS UP: The forthcoming portions of this article delve into the specifics of today's Connections puzzle from the New York Times. If you prefer solving it unaided, we recommend refraining from proceeding further.
NYT Connections challenges for today (game #368) - today's words Today's Connections words are…

NYT Connections challenges for today (game #368) - hint #1 - group hints What are some clues for the groups in today's Connections puzzle? Need additional hints?

We're now venturing into spoiler territory, but continue reading if you wish to know the four theme answers for today's Connections puzzles…

NYT Connections challenges for today (game #368) - hint #2 - group answers What are the answers for today's Connections groups?

All right, the answers are listed below, so do not scroll any further if you don't wish to see them.

NYT Connections challenges for today (game #368) - the answers The solutions to today's Connections, game #368, are…

No significant difficulties here. Both yellow and green were very clear collections of synonyms, which are generally the simplest group to solve. I would argue that green was easier than yellow, but there's no substantial difference.

I tackled the purple group before the green, although I made one error initially. I had COPY EDITOR, COPY CAT, and COPY PASTE, but the phrase COPY THAT didn't occur to me – though it should have in hindsight. Instead, I chose COPY BUTTON, thinking it might be a software-related term but irrelevant.

BUTTON was grouped with SHIRT, HAT, and STICKER as CAMPAIGN SWAG, a theme widely recognizable in many regions.

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