Dive into Retro Gaming with Episode Enyo: A Free Quake Mod Prelude to Slave Zero X

  • Adam Mitchell
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Dive into Retro Gaming with Episode Enyo: A Free Quake Mod Prelude to Slave Zero X

The gaming world is receiving an unconventional expansion with the release of Episode Enyo, an intriguing Quake mod that serves as a prequel to the upcoming title Slave Zero X. This 2D action game itself acts as a precursor to the 1999 mech classic Slave Zero. While its connections might seem dense, Episode Enyo stands on its own as a compelling, free FPS journey packing six levels of action.

In Episode Enyo, players step into the shoes of one of the primary antagonists from Slave Zero X, the eponymous Enyo, a gunslinging assassin now leading the charge in her shooter adventure. Developers Poppy Works and Ironwood Software have left a strong mark by transforming the base Quake experience with a full-fledged conversion featuring a custom weapon set that echoes the iconic Doom lineup—think pistols, machine guns, and plasma rifles.

The opposition in Episode Enyo remakes Quake’s enemy roster with impressive new models that align them with the Slave Zero X universe. The remodel brings the game's foes into the setting superbly, turning the formidable Death Knights into armored enforcers, Scrags into hostile drones, and the fearsome Shambler into a power-armored threat that wouldn’t look out of place in Fallout’s Enclave.

Episode Enyo thrives by embracing its '90s cyberpunk roots rather than the saturated '80s neon aesthetic. It confidently strides through grime-stained city environments with neon signage providing bursts of color while also integrating haunting bio-horror elements that contribute a chilling atmosphere to the stages.

The game encourages explorative gameplay with multitiered urban landscapes, intricate pathways, and some hidden detours to entice secret hunters. While it may not possess the bold signature elements of more recent retro FPS titles, it still delivers a satisfying experience.

What makes Episode Enyo particularly noteworthy is how it enriches the Slave Zero X universe, blending gaming genres to craft a more immersive world—similar to how Larian’s Divinity: Dragon Commander and the FPS offshoot Slayers X expanded their respective universes.

This notable Quake mod is available for free to those who already own Quake, readily accessible through Nightdive’s remaster in the addons menu or through source ports for the original game, with downloading options on ModDB.

Awaiting in the wings, Slave Zero X is set to make its debut on February 21. Steam users can anticipate its arrival by adding it to their wishlist and sampling the demo currently available.