Call of Duty Dives into Whimsy with New Bath Time Duck-Themed Skin Bundle

  • Ella Hyam
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Call of Duty Dives into Whimsy with New Bath Time Duck-Themed Skin Bundle

Continuing its tradition of blending realism with fantasy, Call of Duty has introduced a new theme that's making waves. The Bath Time skin is the latest addition to the game's wardrobe, packaged within the Wildlife Wanted: Rubber Duck bundle. This new collection is setting players back 1800 CoD Points, which is equivalent to about $18.

Within the bundle, players receive an assortment of items alongside the Bath Time skin, which features a black and yellow ensemble crowned with a playful rubber duck headgear. The set includes the Rubber Rampage Pulemyot 762 blueprint and The Ducky DM56 blueprint, complemented by 'What the Duck' weapon sticker, 'Duck This' calling card, 'Quackin' Up' weapon charm, and Bath Time emblem. 

The introduction of the Bath Time skin stirred discussions among the community. Some fans were in favor of the creative and lighthearted new skin, while others expressed their preference for more military-simulation style designs. Nonetheless, Call of Duty has continued to balance both preferences, much like Fortnite has done with its vast array of skin designs. Adding to the flavor, Call of Duty also took a page from Fortnite's playbook by offering skins themed around popular streamers.

Notably, the Rubber Duck bundle is priced lower than other Call of Duty offerings, which often exceed 2400 CoD Points. This pricing strategy likely reflects the omission of tracer weapons from the bundle, a detail that may please those fans who recall a similar package being sold without tracers for 2400 CoD Points in December. Despite this, the new bundle promises to be quite the catch for its fantastical appeal.

Other skin-related news from Call of Duty includes a revival of interest in the Gaia skin, which had previously faced visibility issues. After some tweaks by the developers, it seems the skin has been adjusted suitably for gameplay.

Looking ahead, rumors hint at a possible Modern Warfare 3 event with a Warhammer 40K theme. Assuming these whispers come to fruition, fans can likely expect to see Warhammer 40K-inspired skins, which promise to bring a darker yet equally extravagant flair to the game's extensive skin collection.