Anticipation Builds for Nintendo’s New Switch Title: A Sequel to Wii U’s Beloved Masterpiece

  • Adam Mitchell
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Anticipation Builds for Nintendo’s New Switch Title: A Sequel to Wii U’s Beloved Masterpiece

For a decade, I've eagerly anticipated the return of a Wii U masterpiece, and recent leaks regarding an ESRB rating for a new Switch title suggest my wishes are finally being addressed by Nintendo.

An unexpected revelation through an ESRB evaluation has unveiled a forthcoming Switch title from Nintendo, seemingly a direct descendant of one of the Wii U's most cherished yet underappreciated creations.

The spotlight now shines on Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, having surfaced on the ESRB's website. According to its listing, "Players engage in a compilation of 2D challenges and platform adventures, navigating through assorted modes (for instance, speedrun, survival)," the narrative details. "Tasks range from reaching designated areas to combating minor foes or enduring short confrontations. Certain segments portray pixel creatures wielding miniature swords or arrows to clash with adversaries; said foes generally are briefly paralyzed or vanish instantly."

The title 'Nintendo World Championships' resurrects memories of an old esports contest orchestrated by the publisher in 1990, where contestants vied on unique cartridges that hosted altered versions of Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, and Tetris designed specifically for the event. The initial Nintendo World Championships cartridges stand as some of the most elusive video games ever produced.

The ESRB's portrayal - engaging in a variety of succinct challenges to achieve set objectives - bears a striking resemblance to NES Remix, a franchise comprising three volumes distributed between the Wii U and 3DS systems. Each installment presented a compendium of classic NES titles that were 'remixed' into a series of minigame challenges, akin to more elaborate renditions of retro microgames found in the WarioWare series. Notably, NES Remix 2 included a feature dubbed Nintendo World Championship Remix, introducing a curated assortment of tasks with connected online ranking systems.

NES Remix has always stood out as one of my all-time favorite Nintendo creations - a hidden jewel among the company's offerings and a standout in the Wii U's limited catalog. It's also among the rare great Wii U titles that did not receive a sequel or adaptation for the Switch. If Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition is the sequel it appears to be, my excitement for its revival knows no bounds.

My hope is that this new venture will incorporate an extensive selection of the finest NES titles available.